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how to get worm castings out of worm farm

how to get worm castings out of worm farm插图

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One extremely simple method of harvesting worm castings is by scooping them out. Using a small trowel,scoop out the finished castings from the 鈥渞esting鈥?side of your worm bin into a bucket. That鈥檚 it!

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  • How do you harvest worm castings?

  • When it comes down to harvesting worm castings there are are a few ways that have become popular with most worm composting enthusiasts. The easiest way being obviously the one where worms move from a worm bin up into the next bin situated above it. This method is obviously not working with single bins like a bath.

  • Is it possible to separate baby worms from castings?

  • It can be difficult to separate all of the baby worms from finished castings, but the beauty of multi level worm farms is that they do make it easier to do so. For a 3 tiered farm, once the bottom level has been processed by the worms they tend to move up to the upper levels in search of a fresh food source.

  • Do worm castings disrupt the natural fertilizer process?

  • If you are worried that you鈥檙e somehow disrupting the natural process by harvesting the worm castings, don鈥檛 be! Studies have shown that worms don鈥檛 actually thrive best in their own castings, so you鈥檒l actually be doing them a favor every time you harvest new fertilizer for your garden!

  • How do you keep worms out of a worm farm?

  • Place the lid of your worm farm so that it leaves the mound of castings exposed to the sun/light and shades the non mounded part of the tray. Worms do not like light or direct sun, so in theory, they will want to vacate the mound of castings sitting in the sun and head to the cool, shaded part of the worm farm.

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