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where is cavendish farms

where is cavendish farms插图

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North America

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  • Where is the Cavendish Farms processing facility located?

  • Cavendish Farms constructs a state-of-the-art 2nd processing facility in PEI. Cavendish Farms acquires its first US processing plant in Jamestown, North Dakota.

  • Where are Cavendish frozen potatoes grown?

  • Cavendish Farms is the 4th largest processor of frozen potato products in North America. Our plants are located in North America鈥檚 prime potato growing regions. Our appetizer plant is located in Southern Ontario鈥檚 key vegetable growing region.

  • What’s new at Cavendish?

  • Opened the Cavendish Culinary Creation Centre which with Canada’s Smartest Kitchen merged culinary resources and a new $5 million pilot processing line. Opened the largest biogas plant in North America and the only one in the French fry processing world. Acquired the coated products division from Omstead Foods, Wheatley Ontario.

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