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how to get small farmer certificate in tamilnadu

how to get small farmer certificate in tamilnadu插图

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  • What is the marginal or small farmer certificate in Tamil Nadu?

  • In this article, we look the the marginal or small farmer certificate provided by Tamil Nadu government to these farmers to receive subsidies. A farmer can get the following advantages while having marginal or small farmer certificate: Farmers get 100% subsidy to install drip and sprinkler irrigation system.

  • Is the process of Getting Farmer Certificate legal in India?

  • All process are legal. The owner will become the farmer of that state and will be eligible for the farmer certificate. To get that (Shetkari Dakhla) Jamabandhi ( 7/12), Bhoomi Praman Patra (Farmers Certificate) to your name singed by the Tehsildar.

  • What is siru Kuru Vivasayi certificate in Tamil?

  • This also helps the Farmers to avail loans and to get the subsidy amount in various corps cultivated in the Land. This is also called as Siru Kuru Vivasayi Certificate in Tamil which can be applied following the below procedures. What is Small/Marginal Farmer Certificate?

  • How to buy agriculture land in Maharashtra or Karnataka?

  • We’re Provide you Legal Farmer Certificate from Rajasthan for buying agriculture land in Maharashtra or Karnataka. As you all know that the farmer of any state can purchase the agriculture land in Maharashtra. We provide these services from the Rajasthan state where citizen of Our country can purchase the agriculture land.

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