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where can i buy ardmore farms apple juice

where can i buy ardmore farms apple juice插图

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  • Does Apple Lane orchards sell apple juice?

  • Apple Lane Orchards currently distributes ONLY flash pasteurized 鈥渁pple cider鈥?and not heavily pasteurized 鈥渁pple juice鈥? Though 鈥渁pple juice鈥?and apple 鈥渟oft cider鈥?are both fruit beverages made from apples, there is a significant difference between the two.

  • Why choose Okanagan apple juice?

  • The combination of our hot Okanagan sunshine and the cool nights of our fall make for spectacular natural sugar content and flavour in our apples. We do not use apples that have fallen off the tree, aka windfalls to make our juice.

  • What is cider-sure apple juice?

  • Cider-Sure uses a special process of UV light to pasteurize the juice without heating it up. In fact, you will notice that heat is never used in the whole process. This keeps the juice raw, which gives it that fresh apple taste, and protects the nutritional value of the juice.

  • What apples are used in apple cider?

  • When it comes to the sweet, however, we have many choices subject to our available supply and our farm manager鈥檚 whim. Fuji, Gala, Johnny Gold, golden delicious, red delicious, Mutsu, Johnathan, and MacIntosh are all apples used in one or more of the Apple Lane Orchard鈥檚 Apple Cider blends.

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