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how did james farmer help the cause of civil rights

how did james farmer help the cause of civil rights插图

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  • What did James Farmer do in the Civil Rights Movement?

  • James Farmer. In 1942 he cofounded CORE, which originated integrated bus trips through the South, called Freedom Rides, to challenge local efforts to block the desegregation of interstate busing. Farmer, who sought racial justice by means of nonviolence, was often a target of racial violence himself.

  • Who was James Farmer?

  • James Farmer, A Pioneer In Civil Rights Movement. James Leonard Farmer Jr. was a civil rights activist and leader in the American Civil Rights Movement. He pushed for nonviolent protest against segregation alongside Martin Luther King Jr. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code:

  • Why did farmer launch the Freedom Rides?

  • Farmer worked on launching the Freedom Rides with the intention of challenging segregation on intestate bus travel, which had technically been declared illegal in 1946 and which CORE had taken action upon previously. The Freedom Riders consisted of both women and men, black and white, who traveled on bus routes through Southern states.

  • How did the Civil Rights Movement start in Chicago?

  • In 1942, Farmer organized the Congress of Racial Equality in Chicago. A decade before the civil rights movement made headlines, CORE followed Gandhian principles of nonviolent direct action, to fight racial discrimination in local businesses. In 1961, CORE organized the Freedom Rides to desegregate bus travel.

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