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what are the different types of farming class 10

what are the different types of farming class 10插图

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  • What are the types of farming class 10 geography?

  • Class 10 Geography Chapter 4 Notes: Types of Farming Primitive Subsistence Farming – In primitive subsistence farming, popularly known as 鈥榮lash and burn鈥?agriculture, farmers clear a patch of land for producing cereals. When soil fertility decreases, they burn the remains on the land and move to a fresh patch of land.

  • What are the different types of Agriculture?

  • What are the different types of agriculture? 1 Wet farming 2 Dry farming 3 Subsistence farming 4 Terrace Agriculture 5 Intensive Agriculture 6 Shifting Agriculture 7 Extensive Agriculture 8 Plantation Agriculture 9 Commercial Agriculture

  • What is the importance of Chapter 4 in class 10 agriculture?

  • Chapter 4 Geography class 10 notes will give an insight into the agricultural sector of the country. Class 10 agriculture is a very important chapter as it gives you an idea about this important economic activity. Notes of Agriculture class 10 will also help you prepare for your board examinations.

  • What are the features of primitive farming?

  • Primitive Subsistence Farming: This type of farming is practiced on small patches of land. Primitive tools and family/community labour are used in this type of farming. The farming mainly depends on monsoon and natural fertility of soil. Crops are grown as per the suitability of the environmental condition.

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