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how to start a farm co op

how to start a farm co op插图

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To start a new co-op farm, justclick 鈥渃o-op鈥?from the title screen menu, followed by the 鈥淗ost鈥?tab and 鈥淗ost new farm.鈥?/strong>The game鈥檒l start right up, though it鈥檒l be on you to build the initial infrastructure. Remember, all participating players will require their own cabins to join.

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  • How do I join a co-op farm?

  • In the co-op section of the main menu you can either join a friend’s farm or choose to begin your own. If you want to be able to invite your friends immediately, set the number of staring cabins to the number of farmers who will be joining you. Any co-op partner needs to have a cabin in order to join in.

  • Should you start a food co-op?

  • Starting a food co-op, though it can be tricky, is an enormous contribution to your community. Food co-ops have a myriad of benefits, from investing into the local economy, helping the environment through increased recycling, and providing the community with a place to buy healthy, local, and organic products.

  • How do I plan a co-op?

  • There is much more to a co-op than what initially meets the eye, and it鈥檚 important to visualize your co-op in its entirety when planning your budget. Start with a modest staff, and you can hire more as your co-op takes off. Their pay will initially come from your start-up fees, and can increase as revenue increases.

  • What is the cultivating co-ops guide?

  • Our Cultivating Co-ops Guide is a how-to workbook designed to help emerging and existing co-ops work through the co-op development process. The guide provides checklists and templates to help you work through pre-development co-op activities, including:

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