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why is the coastal plain a good place for farming

why is the coastal plain a good place for farming插图

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Sometimes these regions are excellent for farming,as the rivers that intersect with them carry loads of alluvial soils and can create rich material for growing crops. The coastal plain is also very prone to flooding because of the low elevation.

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  • What are the main agricultural activities in the coastal plain?

  • Agricultural activities are limited to pastureland, truck farming, and limited row crops within narrow fertile valleys adjacent to the major streams flowing through the region. Surface deposits in the Coastal Plain are of ocean origin and date back some 135 million years.

  • What is a coastal plain?

  • A coastal plain is an area of low, mostly flat land adjacent to the ocean. The plain actually extends underwater and is part of the continental shelf. Coastal plains tend to feature unique plant and animal habitats as well as interesting geological features.

  • What is the soil like in the Coastal Plain region?

  • The rich, sandy soil here is some of the state’s best farmland. In the southwestern corner of the Inner Coastal Plain are the Sandhills, a subregion of rolling, sandy hills. This area has the highest elevation on the Coastal Plain, ranging from about 900 to 1,000 feet above sea level. Longleaf pines are native to this area.

  • Why is the coastal plain flat to Rolling?

  • The land rose during periods of tectonic uplift, and water in the Gulf of Mexico retreated to near its present position. Because it was covered by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico for much of its history, the geologic terrain of the Coastal Plain is flat to rolling.

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