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can you visit cotchford farm

can you visit cotchford farm插图

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Can you visit Cotchford Farm? 鈥?strong>No, you cannot see the pool where Brian Jones drowned,鈥?she said. 鈥淚t’s a private home and the residents do not wish to be disturbed.鈥?/div>Where is the real Hundred Acre Wood?

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  • Who owns Cotchford Farm now?

  • Since 1970, Cotchford Farm has been owned by Alastair Johns, a real estate developer. A recent story in The Daily Telegraph said Johns had kept Milne鈥檚 Winnie-the-Pooh sundial and statue of Christopher Robin. Johns has also kept the brightly coloured glass that Jones installed in what he used as a music room.

  • What is Cotchford Farm in Hartfield famous for?

  • But Hartfield Isn’t just known for its connection to Milne as it has also played host to musical history, or more specifically Cotchford Farm. When A. A. Milne first moved to Hartfield in 1925, he purchased the small farm on the northern tip of Ashdown Forest.

  • Is Cotchford Farm from 鈥楶ooh Bear鈥?real?

  • While 鈥淧ooh鈥?fans come to feel like they are part of the cuddly warm stories, in real life Cotchford Farm would not always be the happiest of places. Milne modeled the boy in his tale on his only child, Christopher, whose middle name was Robin. The books brought the elder Milne great fame and bought his family great comforts.

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