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where is crystal farms cheese made

where is crystal farms cheese made插图

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  • Where does crystal farms source its dairy?

  • At Crystal Farms, we source our dairy from the Midwest to help the farmers and the Co-Ops they are a part of thrive. We believe sourcing from family-owned dairy farms helps us deliver the quality cheese your family deserves.

  • How are cheeses made?

  • From cow to curd, there are many steps along the way to make the cheeses we all know and love. What is cheese made of? It all starts with collecting milk from dairy farms. Once it鈥檚 brought to the cheese plant, the cheesemakers check the milk and take samples to make sure it passes quality and purity tests.

  • Why choose crystal farms cheese wraps?

  • Whether your version of winter wonderland is holiday fun, family get-togethers, or cozy nights at home鈥揅rystal Farms has you covered! Whether you鈥檙e trying to avoid carbs, or you just love cheese that much, our Cheese Wraps provide a tasty and novel way to wrap your favorite ingredients. Looking for some cheese?

  • When did Crystal Farms start selling eggs?

  • In the 鈥?0s, Julius Rosenberg also came to America from Russia and started his own egg business. Through dedication to hard work and quality, both companies thrived and eventually merged in the 1970s 鈥?selling eggs, cheese and other dairy products under the Crystal Farms brand.

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