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who owns the farmer and the dail snow hill nc

who owns the farmer and the dail snow hill nc插图

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Husband and wife team

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  • Who is farmer and the Dail?

  • THERE’S LITTLE IN LIFE THAT COULD NOT BENEFIT FROM A LITTLE LOVE, A LITTLE TIME, AND A STICK OF BUTTER. Hi! I鈥檓 Stacy, the creator of Farmer and the Dail. This adventure came to fruition in September 2015 following years of baking, decorating, and lovingly sharing treats with my family and friends.

  • Where can I find a good restaurant in Snow Hill?

  • Farmer and the Dail offers several options to satisfy your cravings. Including their yummy wings that will surely leave you craving more. Be sure to check out their restaurant menu or call them at (252) 747-1392. Want a specific cuisine? Check out our best lists for Mexican, Asian or Italian in Snow Hill. Dietary need?

  • Can I eat at farmer and the Dail?

  • You can eat in or take out – masks or face coverings required for those that are not fully vaccinated! All of the savory treats and sweets at Farmer and the Dail are made from scratch using local ingredients when available, and always using the highest quality ingredients we can source.

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