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how many acres does randy dowdy farm

how many acres does randy dowdy farm插图

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The company jumped from 40 acres in 鈥?4 to800 acresin 鈥?5. With borrowed two-way radios and shop space, the new company gobbled up every opportunity to fill-in farmers鈥?needs throughout the county. The company bought the first John Deere 7520 tractor used in Wisconsin, and has been at the forefront of innovation ever since.

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  • What is the story of Randy and David’s farm?

  • Randy gives God all the glory for his success and wants other growers to understand his success is possible on their farms. He is passionate about sharing his practices with growers seeking to increase yields on their farms. David is very excited to help growers break through their own yield barriers.

  • Did Randy Dowdy break the world record for soybean yield?

  • Randy Dowdy has done it again! He鈥檚 broken the world record for soybean yield with 190.23 bushels per acre using BRANDT鈥檚 proprietary nutritionals. This surpasses his previous record of 171 bushels per acre in 2016.

  • Who is Randy Dowdy & David Hula?

  • Let Randy Dowdy David Hula help you reach the Next Level! Randy is a first-gen grower who has broken numerous records on his farm numerous times through a systems approach to growing corn.

  • Why choose Randy & David’s?

  • Randy and David host in-field sessions to give you interactive and practical support. Benefit from the end-of-year chance to review results and prepare for next year. Randy David’s will give recommendations on your soil and tissue sample values. Compare management and results among the group.

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