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does state farm insurance cover windshield replacement

does state farm insurance cover windshield replacement插图

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State Farm covers both windshield repairs and replacements, depending on the extent of the damage. Your deductible may apply. What Windshield Damage Can Be Repaired? Typically, small breaks in the non-acute area (not in front of the driver).

People also ask

  • Does state Farm cover auto glass repairs and replacements?

  • When it comes to auto glass repairs and replacements, State Farm offers more coverage than many insurance providers. In the end, policyholders need to read the fine print on their coverage plans to avoid problems.

  • Is auto glass covered by insurance?

  • Under comprehensive coverage, auto glass is sometimes covered with no deductible required. Policyholders will have to refer to the specifics of their own plan. Laws exist in some states that make auto glass repairs and replacements free.

  • Does state Farm pay for Chip repair?

  • State Farm will still pay for chip repair if the insured has zero deductible or a glass rider with zero deductible. The only thing that has changed is State Farm no longer waives the deductible for chip repair in most states.

  • Does state Farm recommend repairs to their insureds?

  • Luckily State Farm agents are still pretty good about recommending repair to their insureds. Why wouldn’t they? The cost of the repair is usually less than the deductible so the insured saves money and because you are not filing a claim the agent keeps their claims ratio to a minimum which looks good for them.

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