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Tag: Did entomo farms raise series A funding from Maple Leaf

where are entomo farms located

where are entomo farms located插图

Norwood, Ontario, Canada
Entomo Farms is located inNorwood,Ontario,Canada. Who invested in Entomo Farms? Entomo Farms has 4 investors including Community Futures Peterborough and Southern Ontario Fund for Investment in Innovation (SOFII).

What is entomo farms’ ‘actually foods’?

Entomo Farms, a company based in Canada, is selling junk food made from crickets in stores across the country under their “ Actually Foods ” brand. “Actually Foods is on a mission to renew Canadians’ relationship with “healthy” food,” copy on the company’s website reads.

Did entomo farms raise series A funding from Maple Leaf?

According to an article on the website, Entomo Farms raised its Series A Funding from Maple Leaf Foods to expand its operation in 2018.

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Our Mission

Through product excellence and education, to make cricket-based foods the first choice for individuals interested in high- quality, sustainable protein.

Our Vision

To be the leader in entomo-based farming and foods, and deliver sustainable nutrition solutions to communities around the world.

Our Story

We are responsible to care for the earth. We three Goldin brothers have always been close to nature from our earliest memories in our homeland of South Africa. Our initial connection, and eventual love of the environment stemmed from the example of our father Alan whose respect for the Earth was exemplary.

Really nice crispy puffs

They taste a little different than your usual corn puff, but the difference is really minor. The texture of these corn puffs is exactly the same as regular corn puffs. I highly recommend them.

Great!! friends and family loved them!

The cheese puffs were the best! Tasted great other than the bbq being slightly spicy over all tasted great!

Best cheese puffs

I have decided these are much better then the “name” brands, not as sharp a taste and they are good for you, less guilt while snacking.

Great entry point to eating crickets

The looks of this food is probably not even the best thing about it – the fact it doesn’t look like crickets is a major appeal and it was the first thing I tried from Entomo Farms. Personally the BBQ is best albeit a little sweet if that makes sense. The other two flavors are also good in their own right.

Tried Puffs and actual crickets

My family has been vegetarian for approximately 25 years (wife, 2 kids and I). As with being vegetarian, when not on top of our diet our iron and/or B12 some times would get a bit low and we would take supplements. We started adding cricket powder about 3 years to our daily protein shakes and problem solved.


Tastes great. Doesn’t taste like the cheetah branded stuff, but taste is more nuanced and tastes less artificial, while still satisfying the same itch. I think a lot of people would like the taste of this more. Bbq is my favourite flavour.

Very tasty!

Impossible to tell the difference between regular cheese puffs and these ones. Good value and surprisingly good nutrition!