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how to make a music disk farm in minecraft

how to make a music disk farm in minecraft插图

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  • Can You farm music discs in Minecraft?

  • It’s possible to farm music discs, and while a bit of work is needed to set the farm up, once it’s running, you’ll have music discs on tap. Here’s how to build a music disc farm in Minecraft:

  • How do you get a musical disc in Minecraft?

  • Music Disc is a type of item that will play a song if placed into a Jukebox . Uncommon items from Fishing. Using the Luck of the Sea Enchantment and/or having a higher fishing level increases the chance of getting them. The Spooky Disc is obtained by placing in the top 2000 players during a Spooky Festival .

  • Where can I find the music discs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

  • Those playing on the Bedrock Edition have a few more options. In addition to 13, cat, otherside, and pigstep (which are found the same way as in Java Edition), players can also discover the music discs mellohi and wait inside of buried treasure chests. If you want the rest of the discs, you’ll have to get them from a Creeper.

  • How to get Minecraft’s rarest music disc?

  • In Minecraft, players can collect the game’s music in the form of records. Players must obtain these through a very unique method, as the only way to get them in survival mode is to get a skeleton to kill a creeper. This is the primary method used to obtain 12 of the 13 music discs found in the game, but the final disc is somehow rarer than this.

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