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how to farm liquid divinium

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  • Is there a way to farm liquid Divinium and XP?

  • I discovered a way to farm both Liquid Divinium and XP in 2019. MisterY’s trainer as of now is on version 1.4.8 and does not support timescale or round changing. An XP hack made by AssumingAgate successfully changes the timescale on Moon as well as change the round giving you XP for surviving.

  • How do you get liquid Divinium in Black Ops 3?

  • Liquid Divinium is a currency found within Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies that is used to obtain GobbleGums. Liquid Divinium is earned throughout a match of Zombies, and can also be earned by completing Daily Challenges.

  • How much liquid Divinium can I get?

  • Get up to 55,000 Liquid Divinium! Important! Before making a purchase, make sure you read and meet the requirements (if any) seen in the description down below. Delivered within 5-15 minutes. * Please note that delivery times vary on staff availability and amount of orders in line.

  • What is the best way to get divinium?

  • A second time, spend more money and get it back. Even when the machine costs 5000 points you Still get it back. Each time, you have a chance to get divinium, and the more you spend, the higher your chance of getting divinium.

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