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how to get neighbors on farm story

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How can I make my neighbors know that my land is for sale?

When selling land, your neighbors may be your best prospects! How can you make them aware that your land is for sale? Maybe you have a sign on your land. The neighbors surely see the sign, don’t they? That’s what you’re assuming anyway. Plus it’s in the MLS and advertised all over the Internet. So why write letters to the neighbors too?

How do you write a letter to ask a neighbor for land?

Include a longer brochure with the letter that has all the details on your land. Don’t repeat those details in the letter. Direct the letter to each neighbor by name, not to “Dear Neighbor”. Your neighbor may own more than one parcel of land so orient them right off the bat to which of their parcels you’re writing to them about.

Do my neighbors want more or less land?

They do not want more land. They want less land. I often send mailings to 50-100% the property owners on the same plat map and several who are on the adjacent plat map. I write to 2-25 neighbors per property, depending on the circumstances.

Should you write to other farm owners when selling your land?

For example, if you’re selling agricultural acreage, it doesn’t hurt to write to other farm owners a mile away. Skip owners who are not going to buy your land.