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how does state farm emergency road service work

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State Farm willpay for towing to the nearest repair center if your vehicle isn鈥檛 driveable. If your car gets stuck but is still driveable,they will pay for towing to get you back onto the nearest road. They will also pay for one hour of labor by a mechanic at the breakdown site to get your car up and running again.

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  • How does State Farm roadside assistance work?

  • When you request State Farm Roadside Assistance, either by phone or online or through a mobile app, a service provider will be dispatched to assist you and take care of any emergency road service needs.

  • How do I contact State Farm emergency road service?

  • Call 877-627-5757. If you have Emergency Road Service coverage from State Farm, you can request assistance by calling 877-627-5757 or click here. If you don’t have coverage, we still want to help. Call 877-627-5757 and we’ll send someone who can provide services at a negotiated rate that may be lower than you’ll find on your own.

  • What does State Farm do in case of an emergency?

  • State Farm encourages all of its customers to call them in the event of a roadside emergency, even if they haven鈥檛 purchased the roadside assistance add-on. They are willing to refer all of their customers to trusted towing and repair companies that offer reasonable prices.

  • Does state Farm provide towing and labor services?

  • State Farm provides towing and labor services when your vehicle is disabled. When you request assistance, a service provider will be dispatched to assist you and take care of your Emergency Road Service need.

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