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what is extensive farming

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Extensive Farming is a system of cultivation,which uses limited inputs,i.e. labour,investment,machinery etc.,in comparison to the land under cultivation. In this method,traditional methods of farming are given preference.

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  • What is an extensive farming system?

  • Extensive farming. Extensive farming or extensive agriculture is an agricultural production system that uses small inputs of labor, fertilizers, and capital, relative to the land area being farmed.

  • What are some examples of extensive agriculture?

  • Examples of extensive agriculture The farm . Rainfed agriculture . Rice plantations in Asia. Subsistence farming . Organic crops .

  • Is intensive agriculture more expensive than extensive agriculture?

  • Therefore, extensive agricultural production is cost-effective in the production of labor-intensive crops (eg strawberries), in areas where population density is low and the market value of land is low relative to labor and capital. Otherwise, an extensive food production system is necessarily more expensive than intensive agriculture.

  • Is extensive commercial farming labour-intensive?

  • Extensive commercial farming tries to maximize per capita production. Land is abundant in this area and population density is relatively low. Per capita availability of land is much higher. It is not labour-intensive, rather it is highly capital-intensive.