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how to make farm animal puppets

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  • What are farm animal finger puppets for kids?

  • These farm animal finger puppets for kids are a fun way for kids to just that. Easy to make, these finger puppets can be used to act out small plays, for creative and dramatic play, or just for fun on a rainy day. Take a look below at how to make your own farm animal finger puppets so you can start having some fun.

  • How do you make stick puppets with animals?

  • Just print them onto card, colour, cut out and stick onto a craft stick! There are six animals included in this set: cow, horse, pig, sheep, chicken and duck. You can use the stick puppets to teach vocabulary, act out simple dialogues or plays, or as an easy arts and crafts activity.

  • What are the parts of a cow puppet?

  • We will be showing you how to make a cow puppet, but all of the animals are very similar to one another when it comes to making them. Each animal has a head, a body, head and body link, and legs. There are also ears, tails, and other parts that some animals have and will be glued to that specific animal.

  • How do you use puppets as a teaching tool?

  • The puppets will fit on any finger, as you can adjust the perimeter while creating the 鈥渂ody鈥?of each farm animal (you can cut as much paper as needed to go around your finger). Puppets are multi-sensory toys for storytelling and other important social skills, so do have your kids use them as a fun learning tool while also have fun playing.

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