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why did flora farm close

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  • Where is Flora farms?

  • Slightly north of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, serenely tucked (away) in the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains, you’ll find Flora Farms – a 25-acre organic working farm. Now home to Flora鈥檚 Field Kitchen, The Farm Bar, Flora Farms Grocery and Flora Farms Celebrations.

  • Why does the girl open the gate to let Flora escape?

  • Despite her experience she may not understand completely how a farm actually works, but she does have an instinctive grasp of freedom and what it entails. That being so, the girl opens the gate to allow Flora to escape. Ironically, this fateful decision looks set to precipitate a return to traditional gender roles for the narrator.

  • How does Flora feel when she loses her nature?

  • As shown in the episode A Flower in the Snow , Flora experiences internal pain at the loss of any surrounding nature and gets severely weakened from it, even to the point of being rendered powerless unless the nature is brought back.

  • How did the mother and daughter get their freedom from the farm?

  • The father asked her daughter to close the gate that Flora was heading for, but instead the daughter opened the gate wider, disobeying her father鈥檚 instructions. Flora managed to escape from the farm but she was later found, slaughtered and fed to the foxes. The girl and the mare both yearned for their freedom and worked towards it.

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