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how to farm exotics destiny 2 forsaken

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  • What’s new in Destiny 2 Forsaken?

  • Destiny 2: Forsaken adds a ton of new content for fans to enjoy, including new and returning exotics. While fans received Update 2.0.0 yesterday to prepare for Forsaken, the Destiny 2 item database also received an update which added a ton of Forsaken items for players to read about.

  • How important are exotic farming items in Destiny 2?

  • Updated November 3rd, 2021, by Charles Burgar: Exotics have become more and more important throughout Destiny 2’s lifespan. Bungie’s shift towards buildcrafting and tough endgame content has made endgame Exotic farming an essential part of gearing your character鈥攂oth for PvE and PvP players.

  • How do you get exotics in Destiny 2?

  • Exotics are one-of-a-kind weapons that we desperately need, and Destiny 2: Forsaken adds a bunch more to an already long list. Along with the new multiplayer mode, two new 鈥減lanets鈥? and a bunch of fresh Supers, there are Exotic weapons (and armor) available to collect. There are two ways to get exotics 鈥?you can complete Exotic Quests, …

  • How do you get the exotic quest in Forsaken?

  • Exotic Quest required. Cayde-6鈥檚 old Hand Cannon is the first (and most obvious) Exotic you can acquire in Forsaken. You鈥檒l acquire Cayde鈥檚 Will 鈥?the Exotic Quest item 鈥?as you play through the campaign. To begin the steps, you need to defeat the final boss and return to Banshee. Most of the steps are very straightforward.

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