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how to get nails in farm town

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Game mechanics Review

Another part of popular farming simulator is nothing else but improved and more developed version of this popular cycle. This time; however, the authors went a step further and implemented three different locations in the base version of the game. What’s more, the world presented in the production was even more expanded.

Graphics interface

Farming Simulator 19 is so far the most developed position in the series when it comes to graphics. No wonder, the authors applied here brand new engine that offers completely new aesthetics solutions. There’re more to add. In the game one can notice several additional options that let us change the appearance of our farmer.

Game modes news

Just like in previous editions, the game also offers us two basic game modes – single player and multiplayer (16-person cooperative game mode). Except for that, we can also see here advanced and expanded mission system as well as modified AI game mode thanks to which the employees managed by the computer are even more intelligent.

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