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how to lower a farm jack

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Once the jack is in position grasp the top of the bar with your fingers squeezing only the three sides away from the bar. Do not wrap your thumb around the bar if at all possible. Keep one hand on the bar with your elbow locked andgrab the handle with your free handto lower it.

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  • What is a farm jack used for?

  • A farm jack is a versatile piece of equipment popular with farmers and off-road enthusiasts. A farm jack, also known as a handyman jack, can be used in a variety of situations, including repairs, removing fence posts and winching duties. Farm jacks are very long, making them extremely useful for tall vehicles such as tractors and rock crawlers.

  • How do you lower the load on a Jack?

  • Grasp the handle firmly with both hands. Carefully pump the handle up and down to lower the load. 6. The load will be lowered on each up stroke of the handle (refer to Binding if the jack binds). Unexpected movement of the jack handle may result in the user being struck causing serious injury or death.

  • What are high-lift jacks and how do they work?

  • They are specifically designed to lift vehicles with a very high clearance that is too tall for other kinds of jacks, such as hydraulic bottle jacks, or scissor jacks. High-lift jacks are often found attached to the outside of Jeeps, Land Rovers, and similar vehicles. How do High-Lift Jacks Work?

  • How do I prevent the jack handle from moving rapidly?

  • The jack handle may move rapidly when moving the reversing latch and cause serious injury or death. Always place the handle against the steel standard bar with the handle clip spring holding it up before moving the reversing latch. This will prevent the handle from moving up and down rapidly.

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