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when does indiana fear farm open

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  • Is fright farm really haunted?

  • Fright Farm has been an integral part of many people鈥檚 Halloween tradition for over three decades, growing every year since its inception. Entering its 32nd season, Fright Farm is one of Pennsylvania鈥檚 top rated professional haunted attractions.

  • What is Fair Oaks Farms?

  • Fair Oaks Farms is a combination of experiences that are expertly designed to keep your students engaged in learning opportunities across a range of different levels as well as keeping education fun and exciting! Prices starting as low as $3/student. Fair Oaks Farms accomodates large groups! Bring your herd and experience an Adventure for all ages!

  • Is there a Hayride at Hanna haunted acres?

  • OUR ATTRACTIONS: HANNA HAUNTED HAYRIDE 鈥?OUR SIGNATURE ATTRACTION The Haunted Hayride is a crown achievement at Hanna Haunted Acres. You will discover … Read More Indy Scream Park Haunted House – Be Afraid鈥?/div>Indiana Haunted Houses – Your Guide to Halloween in Indiana

  • What to do at the Phear farm?

  • Crawl on board a 40-foot hay wagon for an exploration into a part of the farm where few outsiders dare to go . . . and even fewer return. . WARNING: KEEP ALL LIMBS IN CONTACT WITH BODY! See for yourself where the Phear Farm children developed their skills for meat processing at an early age.

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