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is blackberry farm worth it

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  • What is it like to visit Blackberry Farm?

  • The grounds at Blackberry Farm are spectacular. The sprawling lawns, ponds, rustic barns, and babbling creeks, as well as the majestic Smoky Mountains in the distance, create a peaceful, serene atmosphere. Guests can enjoy the scenery from one of the many outdoor sitting areas, including a large stone gazebo with a giant fireplace.

  • Where does Bob Hays grow his blackberries?

  • Today, Bob Hays has a 10,000+ blackberry farm in Dumas, Mississippi. We thoroughly enjoyed this interview with Bob Hays and think you will too. Bob鈥檚 got years of hands on experience to share and he loves doing it. Grab your coffee鈥?or maybe some blackberry tea and settle in with us to learn.

  • How much does honey cost at Hays berry farms?

  • The Hays Berry Farms honey sells for ~$72 per gallon as of the year of this interview around 2016-2017. Bob Hays鈥?V-shaped trellising system. Image 鈥?Hays Blackberry Farms, as featured on GardensAll.com

  • What is the barn farm known for?

  • Being that the farm is known for its food and drink, there are many culinary activities to partake in, such as wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, brewery tours, and gardening. And dining at The Barn itself is a true epicurean experience, and has been written about by some of the top food magazines.

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