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have a heart farm

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  • What is a full heart farm?

  • Full Heart Farm is a small, family farm in Ledyard, CT that grows over 300 varieties of vegetables, herbs and cut flowers. Our produce feeds local restaurants, our Farm Stand, and the families of our FarmShare Programs.

  • Why have a heart equine sanctuary?

  • To provide a place of safety, care and rehabilitation for horses that have been abused, abandoned or are unmanageable to their current owners. Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary not only cares for horses 鈥?we offer a safe and loving home to all farm animals that will live out their days on our farm.

  • What is a heart horse?

  • This horse is like no other one you鈥檝e ever owned. They may not be the most expensive or well-trained, but this horse without a doubt changed your life. You may still be searching for him or perhaps you found that special horse early on. Either way, a heart horse is one to be treasured and longed for!

  • What is have a heart?

  • Have a Heart is the premier recreational dispensary in Oakland. We carry only the best California produced flower, cartridges, pre-rolls, edible, concentrates, topicals, and more. If you need help ordering, our staff is extensively trained to answer any question you many have and help find the best products specifically for you.

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