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is heritage farm chicken organic

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Our grower of Heritage Chicken,Frank Reese,never uses GMO feed,pesticides,or antibiotic feed additives. These are the very same purity and safety standards applied to USDA-certified organic chicken. So for all practical purposes,chickens from Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch could be considered organic.

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  • What is an organic heritage chicken?

  • They are now carrying an organic heritage chicken!鈥?Heritage chickens are a defined breed of chickens by the American Poultry Association. They are raised naturally (this is in the true sense of the term 鈥榥aturally鈥?and not the industry sense of the term).

  • Why do you buy Heritage Farm chicken?

  • I buy Heritage Farm chicken to make food for the dogs and cats. I buy only the whole chicken when it is on sale; the last one I bought was stuffed with 3 necks to increase the weight, not to mention the water that it has been injected with.

  • What is Heritage Farm?

  • After investigating the brand, here is what I found out: Heritage Farm is the new private label brand put out by Kroger, the biggest supermarket operator in the US. They own Fred Meyer, QFC, Ralph鈥檚 and Smith grocery stores, to name a few.

  • Where can I buy pastured chicken meat?

  • Your local farmers鈥?market: Many organic chicken farms and pastured-poultry farms will have a booth at a farmers market to sell their meat directly to customers. You can ask the farmer your questions about their pastured meat birds, non-GMO feed, heritage meat birds and more.

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