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how to farm studs in lego marvel superheroes 2

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how to farm studs in lego marvel superheroes 2插图

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  • How do you get more studs in Lego Marvel Super Heroes?

  • Check out these Lego Marvel Super Heroes tips that help you multiply your Studs quickly. REQUIREMENTS: You鈥檒l need to find, buy and activate at least 1 out of the 5 鈥淪tuds Score Multiplier Red Bricks鈥?to get the needed extra Studs.

  • Are there any money cheats for Lego Marvel Super Heroes?

  • These Lego Marvel Super Heroes money cheats will show you how to collect quick cash by taking advantage of easy money tips to increase your Studs count in the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, PS Vita, 3DS, DS, Xbox One PS4 versions of the action-adventure game. Essentially it鈥檚 an unlimited money method.

  • Does this Lego game have a lot of studs?

  • This LEGO game doesn’t have a lot of studs. The characters are expensive and the multipliers cost even more. So, how to get studs for all of that? There are two tricks.

  • How do you farm studs in the first mission?

  • Method #1 The first mission (No Eson of Mine) has a perfect place where you can farm studs (the picture above shows this place). Simply activate the fountain and collect dozens of gold and blue studs. Collect them all, save and exit the game, go back to the same spot and repeat.

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