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how to farm leviathan

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The best way to farm the armory is to use aUSB flash drive to back up your save. You have to have a second controller or online co-op partner to do it though. Kill Leviathan, equip your vault hunter’s relic if you have it, and quit to the menu so it will save your game. Quit to the XMB and back up your main characters save to the USB drive.

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  • How does the Leviathan work in terraria?

  • The Leviathan tries to stay on one side of the player, only changing sides when the player crosses over. She will fire several meteors at the player which will inflict Armor Crunch, and can also spawn Aquatic Aberrations and Paraseas that will attack the player.

  • How do you get the Leviathan catalyst in Wow?

  • From Powerful Enemies in Leviathan鈥檚 Breath You can get the catalyst as a drop from any powerful enemy within the Leviathan鈥檚 Breath. Some players have got the drop from the Arms Deal Strike in the map. 3. From Random World Drops Activities

  • What is a Leviathan shell?

  • Do you like this video? Leviathan is a unique Kraken Shell . Besides its very high defense and massive damage reduction, Leviathan is also known for its large boost to strength, perhaps one of the largest strength bonuses of a unique item.

  • Are Leviathans aggressive?

  • Leviathans are non-aggressive neutral beasts, which only attack in self-defense or to protect their mate and/or their young. Attacking a lone leviathan within the presence of a family unit will elicit no reaction from the family unit; it is the same vice versa.

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