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how to turn lights on in farming simulator 19 ps4

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how to turn lights on in farming simulator 19 ps4插图

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  • This page of the guide will help you get to grips with the various control schemes available in Farming Simulator 22, across all major platforms. This includes the default on-foot and vehicle controls for the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC ports. Looking for a particular platform? Click the links below to jump to…

  • What mods do you use to farm in fs19?

  • Another odd choice to have disabled keyboard support in FS19 even tho console now officially support them! Most used Mod : Mercury Farms, this is what farm like never before should be. Editable map with lots of cleaver ways to let us play in the tractor Sandbox of FS19 with added amazing placeables thank you ALiENJiM

  • How do you turn on the tractor lights?

  • Re: Tractor lights, how to turn on? Thanks, it鈥檚 R1 and up on the D-Pad for strobes. R1 and circle to cycle through tractor lights. I have the controls showing on screen as I play but when I press R1, those controls for the lights do not show on screen. Another oversight by Giants in this game.

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