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what happens to male chicks on organic farms

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  • Will egg farms stop killing millions of male chicks?

  • How Egg Farms Will Stop Killing Millions of Male Chicks. For an egg farm, male chicks are no more than a nuisance. They don鈥檛 lay eggs, of course. And egg-laying breeds don鈥檛 grow big enough to sell for meat.

  • What happens to male chicks in the egg industry?

  • The fate of male chicks in the egg industry has long been controversial. In-shell DNA technology to identify male embryos may ease concerns. It鈥檚 one of the most jaw-dropping, least-known facts of American food production: to keep the egg industry running efficiently, hatcheries kill hundreds of millions of newborn male chicks every year.

  • What happens to the female chicks after they are born?

  • If strong and healthy, the female chicks are transferred to a site where they are grown to a suitable size and then moved to a laying facility 鈥?which could be a cage, free-range or barn set up. Male chicks are considered an unwanted byproduct of egg production and are killed and disposed of shortly after birth.

  • Are male chicks just garbage?

  • For the egg industry, male chicks are just garbage. This eye opening video shows the price that hens pay because of our love of eggs. This undercover footage exposes the hatchery that breeds more than 50% of the hens used by egg farms in Sweden.

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