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where to farm minotaurs destiny 2

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  • Where can I farm Red Legion in Destiny 2?

  • There are four Minotaurs located inside. Kill them all, then suicide yourself to respawn outside the cave 鈥?re-enter and the Minotaurs will also respawn. The best place to farm Red Legion is on Mercury, the exclusive new DLC area included in The Curse of Osiris add-on. Travel to Mercury, The Lighthouse.

  • Where can I find Vex Minotaurs in Destiny 2?

  • Luckily Vex Minotaurs aren鈥檛 incredibly hard to find. Theoretically you can find Vex Minotaurs all around Nessus, as public events on the planet will regularly spawn them. However, there鈥檚 a couple specific locations that you can easily use for farming. The first is at Watcher鈥檚 Grave, so simply fast travel there.

  • How do you farm Vex in Destiny 2?

  • You need to get 100 Vex kills with a Sword and you also need to kill 20 Minotaurs, Cyclops, or Hydras with a sword. The best area to farm this is by completing the Destiny 2 Perdition Lost Sector in Cadmus Ridge, as well as the Vex that frequently spawn outside.

  • Where can I find minotaurs on Io?

  • Minotaurs aren鈥檛 as ubiquitous in Io as they are in Nessus, but in general still not very hard to find. The Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector within the Lost Oasis area will house some, as well as any Vex Construct Disruption public event.

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