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where are oysters farmed in australia

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Oysters in Australia include Native, Sydney Rock and Pacific oysters, generally farmed along theSouth Australian coastthrough April to September, with Sydney Rock oysters from September to March. Mention the Pacific oysters that are farmed in Tasmania. Oysters are another seafood product often producing quality issues for aquaculture businesses.

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  • Where do oysters grow in Australia?

  • Pacific Oyster (Crassostrea gigas) is grown in SA, Tas and NSW. (Saccostrea glomerata) is grown in NSW, QLD and WA.

  • Can you buy Pacific oysters in NSW?

  • Pacific Oysters have been listed as a Class 2 Noxious Fish in all NSW waters except Port Stephens under the Fisheries Management Act 1994 (Schedule 6C). The possession and sale of Pacific Oysters may only occur under a specific permit issued by NSW DPI.

  • What makes Australian oysters different?

  • Australian oysters all have unique characteristics depending on where they are grown. Oysters are not fed or treated with any chemicals throughout their lifetime in the water or after harvest and farmers are constantly monitoring the growing environment of Australia’s waters.

  • Why are Pacific oysters a problem for Sydney rock oysters?

  • Since the 1990s Pacific Oysters have been the basis of an important aquaculture industry in Port Stephens, but elsewhere in NSW they have caused significant problems for oyster farmers who culture native Sydney Rock Oysters ( Saccostrea glomerata ).

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