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how old is paisley from ant farm

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  • Who is Paisley Houndstooth in a N T farm?

  • Paisley Houndstooth is a major recurring character in A.N.T. Farm. She is a funny, but awkward friend. She is the opposite of Lexi Reed, and is usually clueless as to what is going on around her, but she never means any type of harm. She never really fully understands what people say, but she goes with it anyway in her own, unique way.

  • What does Paisley tell the ants that her parents are fighting?

  • In ANTswers, Paisley tells the Ant’s that her ‘parents’ are fighting. Chyna, Oliver, and Fletcher offer her help and decide to throw a romantic dinner for her.

  • What animal does Paisley have as a pet?

  • Paisley is shown to be an animal lover as seen when she kissed a frog and thought it was cute, and owns a giraffe (which she says is a long-necked horse) and two parrots as pets.

  • What happened to Paisley in managemant?

  • causes Paisley to actually swallow the meatball and start choking but is rescued by Abigail Timmons . In ManagemANT, Paisley teams up with Fletcher in a home economics competition against Olive and Angus. They lose by using eggs that hatched into chicks while they are cooking.

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