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how to pick up pallets farming simulator 17

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how to pick up pallets farming simulator 17插图

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  • How to sow in Farming Simulator 17?

  • From sowing to harvesting – step by step Farming Simulator 17 Guide 1. Scarifying the Soil. On the left – a simple cultivator, on the right – a plough – both tools allow scarification of… 2. Sowing. Sowing can only be performed when the ground is scarified. If you drive the seeder through …

  • How to harvest in Farming Simulator 2015?

  • Furthermore, before you even start harvesting, you will need to cut stalk with special machines (these can be found in a store in harvesting potatoes / harvesting beetroots ). If you want to harvest root crops in the early stages of the game, rent a harvester attacked to a tractor.

  • How to load/unload egg/milk/wool from pallets?

  • Attach and place the container of pallet in the loading or unloading area and the containers will be loaded or unloaded with egg, milk or wool according to the availability of the area. – improved the triggers. All user generated contents on ModHub are properties of their respective creators.

  • What’s the best way to transport pallets?

  • any old tractor with a front loader and forks, and a flatbed/bale trailer to loade the pallets up on Just remember, if the world didn’t su.., we’d all fall of… What Noraf said. Transporting a forklift round just to pick up a couple pallets is more hassle than it’s worth. Noraf – I think you’re ultimately right when it comes to transport missions.

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