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Papaya is mainly propagated byseeds sown in sand bedsor the seeds can be sown directly in polythene bags. The soil mixture used is about 50% sand for good drainage, 25% organic manure, and 25% topsoil. The seedlings are ready for transplanting after 2 to 3 months old.

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  • How to start a papaya farming business?

  • Papaya Farming Business Plan You must do an economic analysis to verify the use of various inputs of production and the income obtained. In papaya cultivation, fixed cost is largely in initial land development. Additionally, the fixed cost includes wages of permanent labor and repair of farm equipment and other miscellaneous costs.

  • How to grow a perfect papaya plant?

  • Papaya plant needs heavy doses of manures and fertilizers. Apart from the basal dose of manures (@ 10 kg./plant) applied in the pits, 200-250 g. each of N, P2O5, and K2O are recommended for getting high yield. Application of 200 g. N is optimum for fruit yield but papain yield increases with increase in N up to 300 g.

  • What is the yield in papaya farming?

  • Yield in Papaya Farming:- The economic life of papaya plant is only 3 to 4 years. The yield of papaya depends on variety, soil, climate and farm management practices. The yield of 75 to 100 tonnes per one hectare land can be obtained in a season from papaya farming depending on spacing and cultural practices.

  • How to prepare land for papaya Orchard?

  • Land preparation for papaya orchard is similar to other upland crops. First clear the fields; then plow and harrow alternately about 2 to 3 times to kill weeds and provide good internal drainage. The distance of planting papaya ranges from 2 to 3 meters depending on the variety.

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