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how to start a passion fruit farm

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  • How to prepare land for passion fruit farming?

  • Land Preparation in Passion Fruit Farming:- Dig the pits size of 45 x 45 x 45 cm at a spacing of 3 meter x 2 meter on hilly slopes and plains. These pits should be filled with a mixture of 3 parts of top soil 1 part of compost. The best planting time is after onset of monsoon.

  • How do you grow passion fruit from seed?

  • If you need to store the seeds, place them in airtight plastic bags and refrigerate them for up to 6 months. Prepare a nursery container. Ideally, you should start passion fruit vines in a separate, protected container and later transplant them to your prepared garden spot.

  • What is passion fruit farming in Kenya?

  • In Kenya, passion fruit farming is done to supply the local market as well as for export. Kenya is a top supplier of the passion fruit to the European market alongside Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Columbia. Why should you consider passion fruit farming?

  • What is the history of passion fruit farming?

  • Passion Fruit Farming. Introduction of Passion Fruit: 鈥?The passion fruit is one of the oldest fruit grown since centuries and this fruit belongs to the family of 鈥淧assifloraceae鈥? The passion fruit is native to Brazil and in India, it is grown in the parts of Western Ghats (Coorg, Nilgiris, Kodaikanal, Malabar, Wynad and Shevroys).

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