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Your very step in getting ready to plant your crops is to plow the land and get it ready for cultivation. To plow the land, you will need a plow and a tractor. In Farming Simulator 19, you can also opt for a subsoiler which is a much cheaper solution for your plowing needs.


Cultivation is another method to get the land ready for sowing if you do not want to plow the land. You will need to check the condition of the land and the type of crop you want to plant whether they can be planted without plowing or not. Crops such as grains, sunflower and corn can be planted with simple cultivation rather than plowing.

Sowing and Planting

Each type of crop in the game requires a specific type of machine to sow and plant them. Sowing hardly takes much of your time if you are using a decent machine. Seeders and Planters are two separate machines. Seeders will help you in sowing of rapeseed, oats, soybean, oilseed radish, wheat and rye.


If the land where you want to plant your crops is not in good fertile position, you can use different fertilizers to restore its fertility. If you open the map, you can check the fertilization status of the field from there easily. Keep monitoring and ensure that the land is in good shape.


Weeds appear in your farms overtime and you will need a weeder to keep your farms clean and your crop healthy. They can be harmful for your crops and if not taken care of, your yield can be reduced by a massive 20%. You can also get rid of the weeds by chemical spraying.

Lime Fertilization

Lime is an additional feature introduced in Farming Simulator 19. With this mechanic, after every third harvest, you must use enrich your fields will lime. For this purpose, two special machines have been added to the game. You can choose from the cheaper and lighter model Bredal K105 or use its more expensive but heavier model K165.


Once your crops are ready, it is time to harvest your hard work. You can tell your crops are ready when they reach a special yellow color. You will need a harvester with special modules for harvesting different crop types. Each crop in the game requires a special module for harvesting. We have detailed them below.

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