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how to make quail farm

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  • Is it easy to start a quail farm?

  • As quails are smaller sized poultry birds, so it鈥檚 very easy to establish a quail farm. Make a proper quail farming business plan before starting. And work according to the plan. A proper business plan should include breeds, housing, feeding, care and marketing strategies.

  • What is commercial quail farming business?

  • Before discussing more about commercial quail farming business, let us first explain 鈥榳hat is quail farming鈥? Actually the term 鈥榪uail farming鈥?means, raising quails commercially (like other poultry birds) for the purpose of profitable eggs and meat production.

  • How to raise quail for meat?

  • Their food to meat or eggs converting efficiency is satisfactory. They can produce one kg meat or eggs by consuming three kg food. You can raise 6 to 7 quails in the same place that is required for one chicken. As the quail eggs are smaller in size, so the price is also lower than other bird鈥檚 egg.

  • Can You farm quails in Japan?

  • The Japanese scientists first tamed the wild quails and revealed the ways to raise them as domestic birds. Commercial quail farming in Japan has spread tremendously. Now, people throughout the world performing quail farming business commercially for the purpose of meat and egg production.

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