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how to farm honor wow

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  • Is it easier to farm honor levels on random BG?

  • Its easier to farm honor levels on random bg. You can tell your random pugs what to do on 10v10. But if you are losing , you need to look into your 5 players premade group. especially if its 10v10. Because its easy to 5v10 on random bg against randoms. Most honor farm communities on alliance and horde farm honor levels with this method.

  • How do you get marks of Honor in Wow?

  • Marks of Honor have seen some changes since they were first introduced during Legion, although they still serve much of the same purpose, to buy cosmetic transmog sets of old PvP gear. Players can earn these marks by Winning PvP Battlegrounds, Arena’s, and Skirmishes by opening the strongbox that is awarded.

  • What is the worst way to farm honor?

  • The worst honor farming wayis by going random classic BGs. Even with huge win-rate, it simply doesn鈥檛 produce enough honor per minute or hour. Just my two euro cents. 26 Likes How To Improve The WoW PvP Experience Akne-twisting-netherJanuary 24, 2021, 1:17pm #2 This is very interesting, thank you.

  • Where to farm for honor as a warrior?

  • As a Warrior, you can have good farm in Isle of Conquest and probably Alterac Valley. Wintergrasp can get a ton of honor regardless of class if you get a demolisher. The worst pick here is Ashran, since 90% of the time is mid-battle until one side loses reinforcements and melee classes struggle in Ashran a lot.

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