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how to farm fast in ro ghoul

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  • How often do ghouls spawn in the night?

  • They spawn on average every 7 seconds compared to the triangle method, which spawn every 10 seconds. You can get around 1.5m RC per night and 4.5m RC if you leave it all day (not recommended if u don’t have a private server. For XP, go outside the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) Headquaters.

  • What are the best scripts for RoRo-Ghoul [new auto farm]?

  • Ro-Ghoul [NEW AUTO-FARM] Scripts – RbxScript The best scripts only here. In this script, more precise settings are just a good script for fast pumping in this game in general, I thought that this game had already been abandoned at the moment, this is the best script for this game, you can hide the menu by clicking the right control button

  • What are RC cells in ghouls?

  • RC (Red Child) Cell (s) are cells that appear in both humans and ghouls. The name comes from the appearance of these cells: they look like a curled up fetus. These RC cells are stockpiled by consuming humans and are stored in the kakuhou. The kagune forms when they are released from the kakuhou. .

  • How do you farm Aogiri?

  • For RC go in front of the arena, next to parking lot and 3 Aogiri members should spawn. Farm them and you will notice that It’s in a triangle shape. That is why this method is called the Triangle Method. You should be able to get around 1m in around and hour.

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