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does state farm cover bee removal

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  • Do other insurance companies cover beekeeping?

  • Other insurance companies attempt to wedge beekeeping into their farm, crop, or agriculture insurance which don鈥檛 do an adequate job of protecting beekeepers. We鈥檝e built an insurance product specifically to cover beekeepers and provide them an insurance premium discount by being part of a beekeeper risk purchasing group.

  • Does state Farm cover debris removal?

  • State Farm homeowners insurance may provide coverage, subject to policy terms and limits, to remove debris from the residence premises. The responsibility to hire someone to clear your land rests with you. We recommend you contact your claim specialist, as they will be able to determine if coverage applies and how much State Farm will pay.

  • Does my county provide free bee removal on private property?

  • Use this free bee removal table below to check if your county provides free bee removal when on private property. Typically the city or county will kill the beehive. You can also tag your county to help others as to whether or not the county provides free bee removal. Some beekeepers provide free live bee removal non-structurally.

  • Can I get rid of bees for free?

  • Some counties within the US provide free bee removal when the bees are not attached to or in the structure of a house or building.

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