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how to start a horse rescue farm

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  • Should you start a horse rescue?

  • Heart-wrenching images of horses that have been starved, abused, neglected, or shipped to slaughter are hard to ignore, and sometimes the pictures are enough to get equestrians thinking about starting a horse rescue of their own. But getting a rescue up and running 鈥攁nd keeping it that way鈥攖akes more than a desire to save skinny horses.

  • How to start a horse farm business?

  • Build or prepare existing buildings for your horses. Equip the land and built areas like a barn, water supply, outdoor sheds (for horses in pasture), and any other necessities. If you do need to build before starting the business, get firm timelines, signed contracts, and guarantees about the costs of buildings.

  • Is your equine rescue running like a business?

  • An equine rescue is a business and should be run like one, or it risks putting its horses in more jeopardy. Rescue operators don鈥檛 have to look beyond their own pastures to know the past few years have been hard on horses.

  • How do I start an animal rescue?

  • Unlike many start up businesses, an animal rescue cannot be managed by one person. Build a qualified, passionate group of individuals who are dedicated to supporting each other and the animals you are advocating. Carefully select each individual based on their skill set and what they are able to contribute to the organization鈥檚 mission.

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    how to rescue farm animals

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  • What kind of animals are in animal rescue?

  • Farm Animal Rescue Information: Farm animals such as sheep, goats, and pigs are useful additions to working farms. For example, sheep can provide people with milk for cheese and other dietary staples, as well as wool for clothing.

  • What do I need to know about adopting farm animals?

  • Adopting and caring for rescued farm animals is a serious responsibility and can require a significant amount of time and money to be invested to ensure appropriate care. Adopters should be aware that some farm animals will have special needs because of 鈥渇ood animal鈥?production practices.

  • How can I take care of farm animals?

  • help to care for some animals of the type you are considering consider joining a reputable smallholder/farm animal club or society, where you can make contact with experienced owners. Find out more about keeping farm animals as pets.

  • How many animals does Farm Sanctuary rescue each year?

  • Today, at Farm Sanctuary鈥檚 Los Angeles, CA and Watkins Glen, NY Sanctuaries you will find nearly 1,000 rescued animals鈥攅ach with an individual story to tell.

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