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what problems are associated with tenant farming and sharecropping

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  • What was sharecropping and tenant farming in the south?

  • This pulled tenant farmers into a similar cycle of dependency that afflicted croppers in the South. Sharecropping and tenant farming were the most widespread systems of agricultural labor in the postwar South. By 1900, the region had around 2.6 million farms, and croppers or tenants worked half.

  • How did the Homestead Act affect sharecroppers?

  • Based on drastic acreage reduction and benefit payments that went mostly to landowners, in actuality the programs were a disaster for tenants and sharecroppers. When planters and landlords reduced their acreage in production by 40 or 50 percent, they reduced their tenants by the same amount.

  • How did the second labor system affect sharecroppers?

  • In debt to the landowner for everything, the sharecropper rarely worked up from poverty. The second labor system, tenant farming, also required farmers to work someone else’s land and pay rent with a portion of the crop yield. But the tenants usually at least owned a small home, farm tools, and a horse or mule.

  • What were the problems faced by sharecroppers in the south?

  • The inability of sharecroppers to grow their own food also made them dependent on the landlord or merchant for sustenance. And credit rates were always high in mostly isolated and rural areas of the South where sharecropping predominated.

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