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can a farmer shoot a dog on his land

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  • Is it legal to shoot dogs on your land?

  • FARMERS are allowed to shoot dogs that are worrying sheep on their land. But the National Sheep Association warns members it should only be a last resort. Dogs are classed as property, so shooting one could spark a criminal damage charge.

  • What happens if you shoot a dog on your farm?

  • Farmers who shoot dogs also risk of committing a firearms offence. They could be prosecuted for breaking certificate conditions by shooting shoot a dog. Firearms offenders are usually punished with imprisonment, with police reviewing a gun owner’s right to possess firearms if they have shot a dog.

  • Can I shoot a dog that attacks or chases my livestock?

  • There is a provision in the Animals Act 1971 that allows the farmer to shoot a dog which attacks or chases his livestock. Where a field is home to sheep or other livestock, a dog must be on a lead or under close control. Need more help?

  • Can a farmer shoot a trespassing dog and be liable?

  • That said, responding by shooting and injuring or even killing a trespassing dog amounts to a civil wrong, which, in turn, could mean the farmer is liable to the dog owner. The key issue is whether the injuring act is a legitimate act or not. Compensation for injuries suffered to livestock is mainly governed by the Animals Act 1971.

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