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  • When does snow start to fall in the mountains?

  • Snow can fall over the highest peaks of the Rockies even in late summer. September snow is considered average in the Washington Cascades, the Bitterroots and highest peaks of Colorado. Otherwise, October typically heralds the arrival of the season’s first flakes in lower elevations of Montana, Wyoming, eastern Idaho, the Wasatch, …

  • Is there a state-wide average for snowfall?

  • Across many of the states, the amount of snow that normally falls varies widely. So meaningful state-wide averages for snowfall aren’t available. Instead the tables here list a place for each state that represents the state’s annual snowfall. For information on the snowfall by month and at more places in a state, click on the state’s name.

  • How much snow does it take to make a snowstorm?

  • This ratio is actually only an estimate and is based on snow forming in the 28-34 degrees F range. If temperatures are colder, say in the 10-15 degree F range, estimates can be as high as 30-to-1 (30 inches of snow equal to 1 inch of moisture/precipitation).

  • How much has snowfall decreased since 1972?

  • There has been much year-to-year variability, however. The length of time when snow covers the ground has become shorter by nearly two weeks since 1972, on average. Snowpack. The amount of snow on the ground (snowpack) in early spring decreased at 86 percent of measurement sites in the western United States between 1955 and 2020.

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