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how old is don farmer cpa

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  • Who are Don Farmer and Chris Curle?

  • Don Farmer and Chris Curle are veteran journalists who have interviewed thousands of people, some of the best in the world and some of the worst, in some of the best places on the planet and some of the most dangerous.

  • How does Justin farmer remember his father Don Farmer?

  • Justin Farmer said his father wasn鈥檛 in the business for the glitz of recognition and remembered his father as a dedicated journalist who felt honest reporting was a duty to the nation. 鈥淏eing the son of Don Farmer was fascinating, incessantly enlightening and awesome,鈥?Justin Farmer wrote.

  • What happened to farfarmer?

  • Farmer retired to Florida in 1997, but continued to work part time in radio and TV news and write books. He died peacefully at his home in Naples.

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