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is pepperidge farm sourdough bread low fodmap

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  • Is spelt sourdough bread low FODMAP?

  • Spelt sourdough bread from Australia and the UK is low FODMAP but spelt sourdough from the USA contains fructose and fructans. This makes it too high in FODMAPs when you exceed 1 slice ( 2 ).

  • Which breads are low FODMAP?

  • Low FODMAP breads Company Product Serving Size Organic sprouted, sunflower sourdough 42g (slices) Bakers Delight Wholegrain bread roll (LowFOD) 67g (1 roll) Wholegrain block loaf full/small (LowFOD … 78g (2 slices) Brumby鈥檚 Bakery Quinoa and linseed low FODMAP loaf 61g (2 slices) 18 more rows …

  • How many pieces of sourdough is low FODMAP?

  • If the dough is made from wheat/rye flour but is a traditional sourdough, one serving (1-2 pieces) should still be low FODMAP. How can I tell what varieties are 鈥榯raditional鈥?sourdough?

  • How much sourdough bread can you eat on the keto diet?

  • This means it is safe to have up to 1.5 slices. Some sourdough bread is low FODMAP and provides a useful filling food whilst on the diet. There are also a few other ways to get bread into your diet when following this process.

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