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how to farm spinach

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If you have access to some land, you should plant your spinach inraised beds. For best results, you should dig a lot of compost and grow it from seed to harvest. If you don鈥檛 have access to this space, choose a raised area, often on a slope or with good drainage.

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  • How to start a spinach farm?

  • A new starter of spinach farm has to ascertain firmness, straightness and minus lumpy situation in this farming. Once harvesting phase completes be prompt in farming.

  • How to grow spinach in a greenhouse?

  • Greenhouse spinach farming. Start harvesting crop after 6-8 weeks of planting. Cut off outer leaves which are 3-4 inches long. It will encourage more growth on the plant and ultimately results in more foliage to harvest. Only well grown succulent and tender leaves be trimmed. Winter crop gives more cuttings.

  • What is the best way to fertilise an indoor spinach plant?

  • Spinach needs a lot of nitrogen to produce good quality, broad leaves. Applying a top dressing of chicken manure or LAN five weeks after planting is recommended. Photo: FW Archive Step 1: Loosen your soil by digging down deep. Step 2: Apply fertiliser, manure or compost. If you are using fertiliser, use one handful for every square metre of soil.

  • How spinach farming redefine your happiness?

  • Happiness redoubles when you pick a bag and have fruits that literally get frozen by the time they are shifted into other places. Spinach farming is noticed for many benefits. You don鈥檛 bother about keeping vegetables safe in the winter season. Whenever you start your spinach farm make sure that harvesting process is started in the wee hours.

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